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It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

A written story…

We are never really prepared when a relative leaves. Imagining a ceremony is already letting them go.


In the heat of the moment and in a short period of time, we find ourselves facing heavy procedures that make this period even more painful. Through its support, Separate Ways accompanies the deceased relatives so that they can approach the grief more calmly and keep a bright memory of their loved one.

Our mission

Accompany with sensitivity and professionalism so that the separation can be approached with serenity and respect.

Created in 2016 in Geneva, Separate Ways organizes funerals and commemoration events regardless of confession. Beyond our proficiency in organizing events, we are committed to listening to our guests to make this difficult time easier to manage. From customizing the ceremony, to administrative solutions, Separate Ways hopes to relieve the bereaved by offering personalized and quality services.

Géraldine Juge


Graduate from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in 2011, I had experiences in which I discovered the different aspects of hospitality and event management in Switzerland and abroad. Soon fueled by entrepreneurial desires, a good listener and always being attracted to professions focused on human relations, I wanted to develop an activity in which I could give support. Following the difficulties encountered on the death of one of my relatives, it seemed obvious to me to combine my personal experience with my career so that this experience can be written worthily for others. It is also in this way that I was trained in communication and management of mourning.

Pay final respects is essential for the entourage but requires strong resources sometimes diminished by the sorrow. If a qualified person takes responsibility of this hard time, it allows families to approach this period more serenely and with trust.


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Les funérailles dépoussiérées

Les funérailles dépoussiérées

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Separate Ways

Our charter of values


The professional secrecy of information in the private sphere is essential for us. Separate Ways respects confidentiality and never discloses information about its clients.


Separate Ways advises the client in his sole interest and exclusively on his needs and expectations, without any constraint or pressure.


Missions are carried out diligently, rigorously and conscientiously while respecting the required deadlines.


Separate Ways is committed to listening and showing forgiveness, empathy and kindness. Tact and discretion are fundamental values and we refrain from interfering in family matters.


People, religious denominations, customs and choices are respected and treated with understanding and dignity. Separate Ways is committed to providing quality, personalized services, assistance and guidance with the dignity and respect that such a mission requires.


Separate Ways is committed to putting in place all the necessary measures to deserve the trust of its customers and partners. Separate Ways accompanies its clients with integrity and consideration in order to preserve honest and genuine relationships.


Network service providers

As an independent company, Separate Ways benefits from a diverse network of service providers in French-speaking Switzerland for secular, religious and commemorative ceremonies. We bring our expertise and the guarantee to offer you quality services within short deadlines.

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