Bereavement of an employee

Would you like to accompany one of your employees in mourning?


The first days and weeks of mourning have a serious impact on the performance of an employee who has just lost a loved one. Many companies underestimate the impact that such an event can have because, in addition to the grief, tedious administrative procedures must be dealt with within a short period of time.

In order to overcome this difficult period, companies can offer their employees a service to accompany them in the organization of the funeral celebration and the administrative management so that this step can be lived in serenity.

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Do you wish to support the family of one of your deceased employees?

The sudden or foreseeable death of an employee can unfortunately happen. Companies are faced with a situation for which they are not prepared and whose impact they cannot assess.

The death of an employee puts his family in a situation of powerlessness. They need support to organize the funeral service or for the administrative procedures that follow the death. In order to help them as much as possible in this important stage of life and so that employees can attend their colleague’s last farewell in a dignified manner, Separate Ways supports you on behalf of the personnel managers. A memorial ceremony can also be organized within your establishment.

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