Easy Succession

To ease your goodbyes

Once the funeral is over, the family is faced with numerous administrative procedures that must be completed within a rather short period of time. With knowledge built on nearly five years of experience and specialized research in administrative management in Geneva following a death, Separate Ways can relieve you and your loved ones of the tedious procedures and provide efficient support.

Delegate the management of administrative tasks

What could be more normal than to want to focus on your grief rather than on managing the ongoing process? As an only child, you may not have the time to deal with this cumbersome process, or you or the rest of your family may be abroad and cannot manage at a distance. Some people who are not very organized do not like to take care of the administration and prefer to devote themselves to their personal and professional life. Others are helpless in the face of these cumbersome procedures and have no experience in the field because their deceased spouse was taking care of it and they have no one else to do it for them.

The delegation may also be partial. You can call on Separate Ways for personalized advice if you need specific information related to your situation (moving assistance for example) that would allow you to concentrate on certain tasks. This special and trustworthy contact ensures that tasks are handled professionally and transparently.

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A financial gain

In addition to saving invaluable time, this support allows you to save money or even recover as much as possible. Indeed, by accelerating the cancellation of certain contracts, Separate Ways asks the various institutions for statements for the reimbursement of prepaid expenses. This support also makes it possible to forget about payments that would result in unnecessary reminder fees or additional charges.

Avoid overload or voltage

In a period of intense emotions, neutral accompaniment promotes understanding and gives you the choice to delegate certain time-consuming tasks.

The following is a list of the main tasks that Separate Ways can handle. We also have a complete list of administrative procedures with over forty items to cover.

Announcement of death
  • Civil status of the place of death
  • Ordering the death certificate for the procedures
  • Employer or unemployment fund
  • Professional Associations

Cancellation or adaptation of the various insurance contracts, request for settlement for reimbursement:

  • AHV/IV
  • Pension Fund
  • Life Insurance
  • Household
  • Civil liability
  • Sickness funds
  • Accident Insurance
  • Supplementary services and cantonal aid


  • Notification of Death to the Automobile
  • Department
  • Termination or adaptation of the various
  • contracts and subscriptions
  • Sale of vehicle and/or parking space
  • Miscellaneous subscriptions

Cancellation or adaptation of the various contracts, request for settlement with a view to reimbursement:

  • Cell phone
  • Associations with regular payments
  • Sports clubs
  • Legal protection
  • Digital Services
Management of banking business
  • Request for statements of known accounts
  • Follow-up of the payment of current
  • invoices
  • Cancellation of standing orders
  • Closing accounts
Tax return
  • Request for settlement
  • Interruption of advance payments
  • Contact with an accountant for the preparation
  • of the tax return
  • Contact with the justice of the peace or the notary for the execution of the will
  • Application for an heir’s certificate from a notary public
  • Drawing up the declaration of succession
Home-Related procedure
  • Sale of real estate and movable property
  • Termination or adaptation of the lease
  • Organization of the move
  • Mail Diversion
  • Termination or adaptation of various contracts (home services, industrial services, television, fixed telephone, internet, security systems, newspapers/magazines)

Surrounded by a network of Geneva specialists, in particular competent lawyers and tax specialists, Separate Ways is at your disposal to support you in your efforts.

We bring our expertise and the guarantee to offer you quality services within short deadlines.

You can consult our packages here or ask us for a quote.

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