Organization of funeral celebrations


  Organisational support so that funerals and memorial events can be lived serenely

A story to be told

That of a loved one, with a singular character and whom we have loved.

Each chapter of his story is unique. Through this reunion event, you wish to evoke anecdotes that have punctuated his life’s journey, play pieces of music he loved, decorate the place with colors or images that have characterized him. Your loved one has written his life through his passions, his profession and the people around him. It is essential to be able to pay tribute to the being he was, as he would have wanted it, as you cherished it. A moment of emotion that resembles him so that you can send him a last goodbye and collect yourself.

Together we can prepare a final farewell – or a commemorative event such as a death anniversary, All Saints’ Day or the scattering of ashes – in the image of your loved one and according to his wishes and offer tailor-made concierge services.


Separate Ways organizes personalized secular, religious or commemorative ceremonies that are true to your beloved.

A final farewell requires detailed planning and logistics to achieve in a short period of time. In our efforts and according to your wishes, we take care to seek, contact and coordinate all the services chosen, not only with the various providers and contributors, but especially with the relatives and family. A detailed schedule is provided and a real exchange is established so that the funeral can be held peacefully and clearly. We also suggest other services such as purchase or rental of equipment. We will support you in any action that will relieve you in the organization of the funeral.

Unique venue

In addition to traditional temples and churches, Separate Ways finds you unique venues for the celebration of the funeral. We can organize a ceremony outdoors or in a place you cherish with all the facilities it requires, from the decor to the furnishings as well as the technical equipment.

  • Contact and coordination with the celebrant. You are looking for an officiant who will know how to speak about your loved one in the best way? We can make contact with one of the celebrants, of any confession but also secular.
  • Text proposal. Relatives may wish to read texts, poems or prayers during the ceremony. Separate Ways can help you select what corresponds to the deceased.

We can offer a wide choice of music to listen to during the ceremony according to the tastes of your beloved. Separate Ways can also look for musicians if you prefer live music. This type of request requires equipment installation and technical assistance, which we also manage.


The celebration of life can also be approached by memories in pictures. It can be a frame placed on the coffin but Separate Ways also suggests to display your most beautiful photos during the funeral and take care of the photos presentation. It can also be valuable for the audience to leave with a memory. We can prepare and print a booklet for you.


Separate Ways can put you in touch with various florists who will be able to prepare beautiful floral decorations. We will assist you in the choice and delivery.


Continue the funeral by a cocktail allows you and your entourage to share together a moment of conviviality which is important for those who remain.


Separate Ways proposes to coordinate this family and friends communion following the funeral by researching and booking a venue close to the ceremony or cemetery.


We are at your entire disposal to offer you a choice of caterers according to your wishes and the tastes of the deceased for the after ceremony cocktail. We manage the offerings and adapt them to your needs.

The personalization services offered for the ceremony can also be set up for this event.

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