Funeral Foresight Contract

Be serene knowing that everything has been planned ahead.

Separate Ways offers you to subscribe to a Funeral Foresight Contract. It consists on pre planning your funeral respecting your last wishes and paying the amount of the services chosen to relieve your relatives from any financial worries. This includes Separate Ways services (flowers, caterers and other funeral services) as well as the costs of our various service providers.


The sum is placed on a savings account, which guarantees its execution when the time comes.

If you change your mind, the contract can be modified at any time. The difference of the amount will be refunded or invoiced.

The realization of Separate Ways services contracted is guaranteed without modification of price.

You can cancel your contract. The payment made will be refunded to you under deduction of 300.- for administrative fees.

Pre planning your funeral celebration can be carried out at any time of your life. We are available to meet you and discuss various possibilities. An estimate will then be drawn up. Upon settlement of this, your funeral plan is guaranteed.

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