Funeral celebration

  • Contact with undertakers, town hall and marble works
  • Contact and coordination with an officiant/masters of ceremony services
  • Research and reading of texts
  • Proposal for music selection and/or musicians
  • Contact and assistance in the choice of floral decoration
  • Coordination and logistics of the ceremony
  • Coctail management
  • Writing and production of materials (death notices, thank you cards)

1200 CHF

Additional customization

  • Search and reservation of a place for the religious, secular or commemorative ceremony
  • Realization of photo presentation and book/program
  • Setting up of equipment and technical assistance
  • Concierge service and purchase of miscellaneous equipment

+ 700 CHF

Customized advice

120 CHF/heure

Also accessible on La Ligne Pelican

Administrative support

  • Announcements of death to various organizations
  • Termination or adaptation of insurance contracts
  • Handling procedures related to transportation, subscriptions and digital services.
  • Assistance in the management of banking business
  • Support in the preparation of the tax return file
    Contact with the notary for the succession

900 CHF

Available options

  • Taking care of the procedures related to the main residence

+ 400 CHF

  • One hour of legal advice by BMG Avocats

+ 250 CHF

Rates indicated are Separate Ways emolument and are subject to change without notice; external providers rates are not included.

A quotation for other specific requests and with providers rates can be made.