November 1st 2016

Meet Géraldine Juge and her startup Separate Ways

Géraldine is a 2011 alumni and has worked in hotel management for a few years before starting her own business in June this year. While experiencing the loss of a close relative, she realized that she and her family would have wished for support in the difficult time when organizing the personalized and meaningful funeral. That was the moment Géraldine decided to create Separate Ways for families in times of grief. “I thought that if a qualified person took responsibility of this hard period, it would have allowed my family and me to approach the bereavement more serenely.”

From customizing the ceremony to administrative solutions, Separate Ways relieves the bereaved by offering personalized and quality services. This includes venue reservations, text and music proposals as well as administrative tasks such as thank-you letters, banking management and subscription cancellation. The company serves everyone, regardless of confession and is committed to listen to their guests in order to make this difficult time easier to manage. It can be touching, but Géraldine sees her work more like a last tribute to celebrate the life of the lost one.

Separate Ways is currently located in Geneva, but plans to expand to the rest of Switzerland and abroad in the future. When asked what her biggest challenge is, Géraldine answered: “As it is a sensitive subject, it is not always easy to display the existence of such a service; especially in Geneva where death is not a common discussion topic. The communication tools are different from any other service as we are dealing with bereaved families.”

Do you want to learn more about Separate Ways or to get in touch with Géraldine?
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