Organization of funeral celebration

Ensuring that commemorative events can be lived in peace and serenity

You have just lost a loved one or they are nearing end of life

With strong knowledge of five years of experience and specialized research in the funeral field in Geneva, Separate Ways is at your disposal to prepare a last religious or secular farewell, with simplicity or reflecting your loved one’s personality and according to the wishes of the family and the deceased.

Organizing a commemorative celebration

Separate Ways can assist you in organizing a commemoration such as a death anniversary, All Saints’ Day or for scattering ashes, regardless of your chosen denomination.

Avoid stress or tension

In a period of intense emotions, impartial support can help foster understanding, find compromises and give you the chance to delegate certain time-consuming tasks.



Receive support while also taking part in the organization

In times of mourning, it is normal and important to want to focus on your grief rather than on coordinating the logistics of the funeral. You can call upon Separate Ways at any time to provide support and delegate time-consuming tasks. Together, we can prepare a final farewell through the service providers of your choice or through those we propose. Separate Ways manages this intricate organization on your behalf so that the funeral can be held in serenity and discretion.

Delegate the coordination of the ceremony

A final farewell requires meticulous planning and sometimes complex logistics which must be carried out within a limited time frame. Perhaps you may not have the time to take on this heavy task, or you cannot be onsite to make arrangements or you and your family are abroad and do not have local connections to assist you. In collaboration with the funeral home, we can take care of sourcing and coordinating the necessary services and ensure onsite organisation on the day of the ceremony. A detailed program is provided according to your wishes in order to benefit from a complete management of the steps in an efficient and transparent way.

Support in creating a secular and personalized tribute for your loved one

Each chapter of a loved one’s story is unique. On the occasion of this reunion, you want to reminisce those special moments that have marked their life, you want to play the music they loved and decorate the walls of colors and images that evoke their special individuality. Life is defined through our passions, profession and those who surround us. It is essential to be able to pay tribute to those we have loved in a way that is true to them and that demonstrates what they meant to us. This is an important moment to say a final goodbye, gather and keep a joyful memory of your loved one. Separate Ways is at your disposal to guide you in the elaboration of a secular celebration to fill the non-religious tribute.


In addition to traditional temples and churches, Separate Ways has a database of, and can search for, original and secular venues for your ceremony. We can organize a ceremony outdoor or in a place dear to your deceased – depending on the estimated number of people with the decoration and furniture required.

    • Contact and coordination with an officiant

    Do you wish to call upon the pastor or priest of your parish? Are you looking for an officiant who will be able to talk about your loved one in the best possible way? We can get in touch with a celebrant of any religion as well as secular.

    • Text proposal

    Relatives often wish to read texts, poems or prayers during the ceremony. Separate Ways can help you select what is appropriate for the deceased. We are available to read them at the ceremony if this is too difficult for you.

    • Master of Ceremony

    Sometimes the family plans several interventions, such as music and speeches, and may need someone to introduce the ceremony and make announcements. Separate Ways is available to coordinate your ceremony and make the farewell as harmonious and professional as possible.



    Listening to the music you have chosen during the ceremony will probably require preparation and technical assistance, and sometimes special equipment installation. We conduct tests the day before and ensure a presence on site the day of the funeral to avoid any sound incidents and allow you to focus on the ceremony rather than worrying about technical aspects. In addition to the organ that is often played in temples and churches, Separate Ways also takes care of finding musicians and singers.



    A life tribute can also be portrayed through pictures. It can be a photo frame placed on the coffin, but Separate Ways also offers you the opportunity to display your most beautiful photos during the funeral on a screen. We take care of the photo presentation with the necessary installations and technical equipment. The digital lbum can also be wonderful souvenir for attendees to leave with. We can therefore also prepare and print a booklet for you with the program of the ceremony.



    With your chosen florist or with one of our partners, Separate Ways can assist you in the choice and delivery of floral arrangements in order to adorn the room and the coffin.



    Always attentive to your needs, we are also available for other solutions to help create your tribute, from moderate ceremonies to creative farewells. We offer tailor-made concierge services such as the purchase of decorations (candles, photo frames, etc.) and assist you in any steps to relieve you during this difficult period (hotel reservations for your family coming from abroad, organization of meals, etc.).



    Planning a reception after the funeral allows you and your relatives to connect and share a convivial moment of commemoration.


    Finding and booking a venue that is close to the ceremony or cemetery and adapted to the estimated number of people can be difficult. Separate Ways can source and reserve a suitable place and help coordinate your gathering for friends and family following the funeral.


    We are at your disposal to offer you a choice of caterers according to your wishes. We request quotes and adapt them to your needs. 

    The personalization services proposed for the ceremony can also be set up for the reception.

    We have at our disposal a complete list of funeral arrangements with more than forty steps to cover.

    You can consult our packages here or ask us for a quote.