They said


A welcome help and support

« A big thank you to Géraldine, for her availability, her efficiency, her kindness and her competence, in these sensitive moments when the administrative formalities are far from our concerns, and when organizing a beautiful funeral in tribute to the deceased is far from being obvious. The help and support are then more than welcome, and the price amply justified. »

– D.S. 2021 –

We were able to enjoy the farewell ceremony with the whole family

« Thank you so much for your help in organizing the last stage of our mother’s life. Thanks to you, we were able to focus on the essentials knowing that all the other elements, whether administrative or organizational, were under control. The fact that we were able to speak with you even before our mother’s death was a great help, because apart from a few details to be settled, we were able to enjoy the farewell ceremony with the whole family. Your discreet and efficient presence on that day allowed everyone to live this unique moment intensely. » 

– J-P. T. 2020 –

Her competence and genuine attention to detail helped us to overcome tensions and sadness

« Separate Ways gave us an unforgettable farewell to our mother. Its founder Geraldine Juge with her youthfulness and competence, her genuine attention to the smallest detail helped us to overcome tensions and sadness. Without the worry of organization, we, the family members, lived an intense and founding moment of a new stage of family life. »

– F.W. 2020 –

I would never have been able to take care of all the administrative procedures at the same time as the moving

« After my mother’s death, I was very busy clearing out her flat because I had a short deadline and I was alone as an only child. It’s a good thing I mandated Geraldine, because I could never have handled all the administrative procedures at the same time. Her efficiency and professionalism were remarkable. »

– S.Z. 2020 –

You knew how to accompany us with kindness and competence

« I would like to thank you for your precious help throughout this ordeal. We were helpless and destitute in front of all the steps to be taken, and you knew how to accompany us with kindness and competence. My sister, my brother and I are infinitely grateful to you for all the work you have done. »

– J.F. 2019 –

The tribute paid was magnificent

« When our daughter passed away, we were overwhelmed and it was impossible for us to take care of anything. Geraldine was able to guide us perfectly and the tribute paid was magnificent. We don’t know what we would have done without her. »

– J.S. 2019 –

She creates a serene climate between all those involved

« She assisted us like a friend, with patience, kindness and competence, freeing us from the administrative and logistical procedures. Thanks to her support and experience, we were able to concentrate on the essential, the right and personal way to say goodbye and above all to be present in these last moments, free from the worries of the organization, which she ensures with perfection and discretion. Thank you Geraldine for your precious help also as a mediator to create a serene atmosphere between all the people involved. »

– L.T. 2019 –

Efficient service carried out with competence, kindness and discretion

« Following the death of my husband, I can recommend Madame Judge for her efficient service carried out with competence, kindness and discretion. I was very satisfied with the support that Madame Judge gave me during these very difficult times. That is why I recommend her to anyone who needs support both for the organization of the ceremony and for administrative assistance. »

– A-M. H. 2019 –

Her services have allowed me to take better care of myself and my family

« It wasn’t until my mother passed away that I realized that although the situation is already difficult, there are still a number of administrative steps that have to be taken that won’t wait until the grieving process is over. Luckily, I was recommended the services of Geraldine Juge, who, with her mastery of both the bureaucratic side and the organization of funerals, was able to handle these heavy tasks with flexibility and without ever being indiscreet. Her services allowed me to take care of myself and my family, which is easy to forget when one is surprised by a bereavement. »

– N.C. 2019 –

Her administrative and logistical knowledge has relieved me in these difficult times

« It was after my husband’s death that I called upon Separate Ways to help me with certain administrative formalities such as writing the obituary, booking the ceremony venue, etc. Geraldine Juge also worked as master of ceremonies during the funeral service organized for my husband. These tasks were carried out perfectly, with kindness and respect for our grief. Her administrative and logistical knowledge relieved me in these difficult times. »

– M.S. 2019 –

We don’t realize how many things you have to think about

« Geraldine has been a big support for our family and has guided us with delicacy and gentleness. We don’t realize how many things we have to think about when someone close to us passes away; Geraldine allowed us to focus on what really mattered to us. Thank you so much for the fabulous work accomplished and the availability at all times. »

– M.M. 2018 –

Being old and without a family, I was anxious at the thought of having to manage everything

« I heard about Separate Ways from an acquaintance and I was really happy to know about this service while my husband was at the end of his life. Being elderly and without a family, I was already anxious about having to deal with everything that awaited me in addition to my emotions. Geraldine really took care of everything. Her presence and efficiency were precious in such a complicated time and I can never thank her enough. »

– F.H. 2018 –

Geraldine is attentive to every detail and above all to the family’s wishes

« Geraldine was of precious help in organizing, in a very short time, the farewell ceremony (reservation of the venue, obituary, music, contact with the celebrant, organization of the reception, etc.). Geraldine is attentive to every detail and especially to the wishes of the family (the florist was a friend of the family). She also supported us in all the administrative procedures, which allowed our family to concentrate on our emotions following the death. I would like to thank Geraldine Juge for her advice and support. »

– R.M. 2018 –

The ceremony was beautiful even though the deceased was neither a believer nor a conventional person

« We called on Separate Ways when our friend and daughter’s godfather passed away. This death was a huge shock because no one expected it and moreover it happened on December 25th. We and our friend’s girlfriend were distraught because the administration is closed during the holidays. But Geraldine was there! Her availability and reactivity were a great help in this period of mourning and grief. Geraldine knew how to propose, never impose. The ceremony was beautiful even though the deceased was neither a believer nor a conventional person. Without hesitation I recommend Geraldine’s professionalism. »

– S.T. 2018 –

Her tact was appreciated by all

« Grief and shock prevented me from carrying out my “duty”. I had heard about the services of Separate Ways. Geraldine’s professionalism, know-how and extensive administrative and logistical knowledge were invaluable. Her tact is also a quality that everyone around me appreciated. »

– E.S. 2018 –

Geraldine Juge was able to settle in a few hours what I was taking days to do

« A few weeks after the death of my mother, being an only child, I was really alone and lost in all the paperwork. They told me about Separate Ways and I didn’t hesitate for a second. Geraldine Juge was able to settle in a few hours what I was taking days to do while giving precious advice on administrative aspects that you wouldn’t even think of. »

– N.S. 2017 –

Invaluable, pragmatic and personalized help

« We have found great support in the range of services offered by Separate Ways. From the organization of the ceremony to day-to-day paperwork and succession, Geraldine Juge accompanied us with tact, reliability and professionalism. This presence allowed us to focus on the real priorities in this difficult period of mourning, such as the exchange with our entourage. An invaluable, pragmatic and personalized help, focused on the realization of a ceremony in the image of our mother. Many thanks for everything. »

– W.B. 2017 –

I insisted on doing everything myself, I regretted it afterwards

« I had heard about Separate Ways several months ago. When my husband passed away, I did not call upon Mrs. Juge because I wanted to do everything myself to take my mind off this painful loss. I regretted it afterwards. Firstly, because I didn’t manage to prepare everything I had planned but above all because I realized that I hadn’t taken the time to focus on my sadness. I really would have liked to have had this help. »

– G.R. 2017 –

Thanks to Separate Ways, we were able to approach this painful period calmly

« When our father passed away, I immediately thought of calling Separate Ways. Geraldine guided us through the first steps because we were completely lost. Thanks to her availability, her kindness and her knowledge of an unknown field, we were able to approach this painful period calmly. Thanks to her. »

– C.F. 2017 –

She knows her job well and carries it out with seriousness and kindness

« I would like to sincerely thank Geraldine Juge for the assistance and attention she gave to my family and I at the time of our mother’s death. She perfectly organized the events of the funeral ceremony, with seriousness and kindness. Obviously, she knows her job well and she does it efficiently. »

– J-M.S. 2017 –

Despite my reluctance, being guided has allowed me to focus on the essentials

« The services of Separate Ways were suggested to me by a friend and despite my reluctance to be guided in such an intimate moment, I asked Geraldine to help us. She coordinated everything and this allowed me to live this period of intense emotion without worries, with more serenity and above all to focus on the essential which is to integrate the loss of a loved one. »

– C.A. 2016 –

It has allowed us to live this period of grief in serenity

« Following the death of our mother, Mrs. Juge helped us with efficiency and discretion in all the administrative procedures. Geraldine Juge also suggested a selection of music played during the religious ceremony as well as a booklet with photos of our mother (a very nice idea). Thanks to her efficiency, she has allowed us to live serenely this period of mourning. Our family thanks her from the bottom of our hearts. »

– M-E.C-M. 2016 –

I regret not having dared to inform him about your service at such a moment

« A friend of mine recently lost his father. I had already heard about your service but simply didn’t dare to inform him about it at such a moment. I regretted it afterwards when I found out that it had been very complicated for him to organize the funeral. »

– M.R. 2016 –