Prévoyance funéraire

Etre serein en sachant que tout a été prévu

What is Funeral Planning ?


It is the act of establishing a contract detailing your funeral wishes and making an advance payment for the chosen services. This includes the coordination of the funeral service and the administrative support by Separate Ways as well as external expenses


With strong knowledge of five years of experience and specialized research in the funeral and administrative field in Geneva, Separate Ways is at your disposal to prepare a final farewell – a ceremony that truly reflects who you are and respects your last wishes with regards to the following funeral arrangements:

  • Burial
  • Reverence
  • Ritual
  • Ceremony venue
  • Celebrant
  • Choice of texts
  • Music selection
  • Photo presentation
  • Floral decoration
  • Wake venue
  • Catering
  • Obituary

You can consult our full list of funeral arrangements with more than forty steps that will cover all your wishes.


Separate Ways also provides support in the preparation of an end-of-life dossier to ensure that the administrative procedures can be carried out as simply as possible by your loved ones. This file would include:

  • Death announcement to various institutions
  • Transport and residence related procedures
  • Cancellation of insurance contracts, miscellaneous subscriptions and digital services
  • Management of banking affairs
  • Preparation of the tax return file
  • Succession liquidation

We have at our disposal a full list of administrative procedures with more than forty points that we cover in order to ensure that the paperwork is handled professionally after your death.

Why subscribe to a Funeral Plan ?


It is often when we have to take care of the organization of a loved one’s passing that we become aware of the complexity of this task. For those without family or with young children, a Funeral Plan is a guarantee that there will be someone to take care of your funeral. You can call on Separate Ways whether you want a complete service or specific help related to your situation (moving assistance for example).

The advantages of funeral planning

  • Support by a trusted company
  • Relief from difficult decisions for your loved ones
  • Anticipate payment and installments to relieve your relatives of financial worries
  • Emilinating sources of family tension
  • Amount placed in a saving account to guarantee the execution of the contract
  • Adjust your wishes at any time, amount due adapted accordingly
  • Guaranteed service of Separate Ways without any price changes
  • Guaranteed respect of your last wishes – two close people listed in the contract
  • Cancellation of the contract is possible, handling fee does apply

    Who can subscribe to this agreement?


    Funeral planning is becoming more and more common. This shows the interest that everyone has in taking care of their own funeral. The planning of your funeral celebration can be done at any time in your life and allows you to remove some stress. We are available to meet with you to discuss various possibilities and establish an estimate according to your budget without any commitment on your side. As soon as the payment is made, your funeral contract is guaranteed.

    You can consult our packages here or ask us for a quote.

    Choose the guarantee that this last stage of life will be managed with dignity for those around you or in the event of separation from your family